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Half Way !

Good Day ! It’s hard to realize that we are already half way through 2017. How are you doing on those Goals you set in January ? I’m betting that a few of us , myself included , have veered off track a few times already. The key is how long we let ourselves veer. I always start the year off with what I affectionately call “The Plan”. I find that if I look at it more frequently and write about items on it,  in my journal , the momentum stays .If not and I miss a week it’s real
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Summer Is Here !

We find ourselves in the heat of the selling season ( no pun intended). We find quite a few folks are considering a move but don’t know where to start. So if you find yourself in this position we offer free consulting . We can help you with everything from exterior to interior preparation. The little things make a big difference. We will help you get the best results. Call for your free consultation.
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