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The Market ?

Many folks are starting to talk about the changing real estate market across the country and here in Colorado. The question I get his – Where’s it going ? As no one individual can have a crystal ball we are seeing a slow down as I have stated before was coming. The rise in interest rates and the anxiety off local, national and world events have caused many a buyer and seller to say – “Wait a Minute .” We think that the Fed is raising rates to fast but that’s a typical realtor response. We see inventories building and
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2018 – New Year – New Beginnings

Over the Holidays I read quite a bit. Always a little down time to read,contemplate and renew. I was able to spend some unique moments with friends and family. Life is constantly moving, what direction is always a dynamic of energy and focus. With that said I realize that the energy focused also relates to the result aimed at. Sometimes it’s a positive and yet sometimes there’s no movement or momentum. Does that mean we didn’t work it or did we do as the saying goes ” put our ladder against the wrong wall.” My hope is that we all
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Is 2017 The Year For Denver Metro to Top Out ?

The last four years have been super dynamic for real estate in the Denver metro area. There have been tons of sales as well as a healthy 10% per year appreciation. Even more stunning is that the average sold price is hovering around the $400,000 mark! 2016 started with a bang and we saw an extremely hot market during the first six months. Right around the 4th of July the market began its normal leveling trend.  During the second half of the year, as trends balanced out, we saw more inventory and the market became more normal. With such great
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