Some tips for selling in the spring.

Many home owners are unsure of how to proceed when they sell  a home in spring months. Here are some tips to selling in the spring.


Property inspector

When you sell a home, you want it to be in great shape, Otherwise, a potential buyer won’t want to offer the highest price.  To do this, you should call a local property inspector who can take a look at the foundation and other parts of the house. If you have trouble finding an inspector, contact The Dunning Group (303-904-2450) to receive advice on how to find a professional.


Prepare the yard


After a long winter, the yard can look dirty and disheveled, so you should clean up your yard and throw away old leaves and rubbish.  Remember, plenty of folks will check out the yard, and you will want it to look great in the spring. If you already have a nice looking yard, buy some flowers and place them in and around the yard.  This will excite visitors and help them see your home’s potential.

Porch and patio

While people love the yard, they also love to check out the porch and patio.  Since springtime is a great time of the year to sit on the porch and enjoy the weather, you should improve our patio and make it attractive to potential buyers.

Spring cleaning

Of course, when people want to check out a place, they are likely to enjoy it more if it is clutter-free.  If you want to get the highest possible offer for your house, you should de-clutter it and get rid of old possessions.  You’ll also have an easier time moving if you sell off some possessions.

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