Half Way !

Good Day ! It’s hard to realize that we are already half way through 2017. How are you doing on those Goals you set in January ?

I’m betting that a few of us , myself included , have veered off track a few times already. The key is how long we let ourselves veer. I always start the year off with what I affectionately call “The Plan”.

I find that if I look at it more frequently and write about items on it,  in my journal , the momentum stays .If not and I miss a week it’s real easy to miss another week. I’ll bet that is real similar to your challenges also.

The fey is “Focus on how it will feel to complete “. Write your expected outcomes and break the week down as to activities that will create the desired results. Miss a day, get back on it as quick as possible. We all have difficult days but “FOCUS” is the key.

Stay focused and stay hungry as Steve Jobs once said.

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