I’m Addicted !

If there was a place that was for the perpetual addicted to smart phones , I’d be there. It is self REHAB time. With three businesses and each one requiring constant attention and focus I find myself constantly checking the phone and getting that dopamine  rush when their is a request for our services.

I have found this practice at times to be frustrating to myself, those around me, and to really serious accomplishment. The old saying ” when you are ready a teacher will appear” has never been more true. Recently I’ve come across Ted talks addressing this along with a leading leadership consultant/coach by the name of Robin Sharma. They even recommend a media fast ( Oh No !!) .

In our world of hurry,hurry and instant attention service has come to mean being instantly connected.

I realize this is part of the value equation the Dunning Group brings to the table . My challenge is how do we address service satisfaction with “DEEP WORK” ? I am now open to suggestions,coaching,books or any source of enlightenment . Please let me know how you manage your media and what steps you’ve seen work.

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