We want our clients and customers know that we have five core commitments we make to each and everyone. We believe by sharing these at the beginning of our relationship that we are able to explain our actions and expertise.

We believe in creating value everyday to all of the Dunning Group’s clients. We do so by the following :

  1. We will tell you the Truth as we perceive it and with what knowledge we have.
    We will exercise integrity to you and others.
  2. We will keep your communications, motives and personal information confidential.
    We will do so even after we have completed our real estate transaction.
  3. We will behave as professionals.
    We have close to fifty years of real estate combined experience. We are always looking for ways to improve and learn , in order to serve our Dunning Group family
  4. We will put the clients desires, wants and needs first.
    We commit to you that your interests will be represented first. We honor your business and desire to continually earn it and keep it.
  5. We will exercise care and dedication to you in all we do.
    We will consult with you on every transaction as to advantages and disadvantages.

Our goal is to give you the best service , marketing and consulting as possible.

We are dedicated to be the best.

We are so committed that we give the ” Satisfaction Guarantee.”
If at anytime during our interaction a client is dissatisfied with our service, they have the unilateral right to adjust our fee.

We endeavor to earn your life long trust and bring value to our relationship even after we complete our business interaction. We are a value driven organization committed to continual learning and growth . We work as a team in order to meet our goals and your desired outcomes. We will do what’s right.