Business & Life Coaching

Ever been stuck and just can’t get to where you want? Have you ever wondered what it would take to be the top producer? Or, business is going great but you don’t want to go home to a family life of turmoil and drama? Or business life is horrible and the same is going on at home? Have you ever ate your way to happiness or self medicated in order to make it through to the next day? How are your relationships, or are there relationships? Ever wondered what routines and models the world class use to get to their goals?  Ever wondered what it would take to double your business in one year? Do you have goals or do you find yourself drifting from one day to another?

Bruce has been coaching agents and business owners for the good part of his business career. He has found that if he uses a whole life approach to their environment, the results improve exponentially. If you have experienced any of the above, you may need help and support from a coach. His Forty years of business and leadership experience can assist all clients to reach the highest outcomes.
Give Bruce a call for more information or sign up at one of his classes. Individual and group coaching are available.


Negotiation Training

One of the top skills that sellers and buyers are demanding is that their agents are good negotiators. Bruce is one of the national instructors for the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. It is one of the high demand training centers offering the Masters of Certified Negotiation Expert Designation and the Certified Negotiation Expert Designation.

Bruce has been involved with teaching these negotiation courses for over 6 years. He not only teaches the courses, he applies the principles daily, in his own real estate business. Bruce brings his experience and application of the principles to the classroom. He is selling and listing just like his students. His 24 years of real estate and small business entrepreneurship makes the class experience applicable today.

These are great courses that can be applied to real estate, mortgage, insurance, law, business and real life situations. He has trained thousands of agents to use the techniques and tactics to better results.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Meet Bruce

Bruce, Judy, Marketing Image 141Bruce Dunning founded Dunning Group Development in 2010. Bruce ‘s passion is teaching, training, coaching and consulting . He’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, businessman , businesswoman and creatives find their passion, fine tune their business plans and personal lives.

Bruce has been a student of business all his life. He listened to his father, who was VP of Sales for a bank stationary and supply company, talk about his day of challenges. He truly received a kitchen table MBA. His business interest and talents became evident at a very early age. He had his own lawn mowing business at an early age, mowing over 53 lawns each summer. He graduated from college with a degree in Business Management and Finance from a top tier business school. From there he worked for a national business chain and after that he directed and lead the largest independent drugstore chain in Colorado. In 1993 he became a full time real estate agent and then broker. Bruce and his team have always been in the Top Producer category with every company they were involved. In 2006 Bruce went out on his own and founded Dunning Group & Associates LLC Real Estate. He did so in order to have a platform in which to serve both residential and commercial real estate clients. He has a passion for helping people attain their goals and dreams. His training and focus is on the individual and then to help the organization.

Bruce has taught for Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Sotheby’s, Windermere and at the Colorado State Convention.

He founded Dunning Group Real Estate in 1998 and has been a Top Producer for many years. His firm will do about 70% of their business in residential real estate and 30% in commercial transactions. In 2006 he started training and teaching Realtors® in the Graduate Realtor Institute. He loves teaching and training business entrepreneurs in many fields.

Bruce has many courses to help individuals, groups and companies. He teaches negotiation courses, selling courses and coaches business entrepreneurs . He’ll teach and train groups over 100 days per year. His passion is to help you, as an individual, create an extraordinary life and then focus on doing the same for your family.

Bruce has found that life is abbreviated and in order to maximize your effectiveness, efficiency and impact it’s easier to short circuit the process by education , coaching and training.  We would love to have you join our family of friends, clients and fellow travelers.