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Dunning Group Development
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by Chris on Dunning Group Development

Bruce came to SLC Utah for agent training and his experience speaks for itself. He knows what he is doing and he knows what he is talking about. If you get a chance to work with him, consider yourself a lucky one. Well worth it.

by Karen Dorfman on Dunning Group Development
CE Teaching

Bruce's classes are always incredibly informative, engaging, and more honest and in depth than any other courses I have taken in this industry. He has a vast amount of knowledge from his experiences that he implements into his classes through personal stories, role-playing exercises, and interactive conversations with the class. His Agent 2.0 class gave me tactics and a style of approach I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to take one of Bruce's classes, you will not be disappointed!

by Madison Kissel on Dunning Group Development
Agent 2.0

I have attended several of Bruce's classes and always leave with so many takeaways! His 2.0 class was hugely impactful for my business. It provided me with immediate tools to take to increase my conversion and differentiate myself from other agents in the business. In particular, his negotiation skills are unbeatable. He is the best of the best! And I feel honored to get to learn from him! Highly recommend.

Thanks Maddie, It's agents like you that will be huge assets to their clients

by Jim Garcia on Dunning Group Development

My coaching sessions with Bruce have had a very positive impact on my life and my business. He has helped me think "outside of the box" from traditional Agent ideas into other areas. Bruce brings a different perspective with real life answers which has helped me enjoy the business and my clients much more. I have more/better friendships with a better business focus than pre-Bruce thanks to his suggestions. If you are looking for solid, no nonsense advise with your real estate business, I would highly recommend Bruce as a trusted advisor.

by Leona Hunter on Dunning Group Development

What a match! Bruce pushed me harder than any other coach and was fantastic to work with. He shared new ideas and helped me dig out of my comfort zone. I went from uncomfortable to comfortable doing things I didn't think possible! I absolutely recommend his coaching to anyone who is looking to better their business as well as themselves.

by Michelle Thompson on Dunning Group Development
Personal Coaching @ Training

Agent Coaching

I met Bruce through a CNE course. I found the information so valuable I hired him as a coach. Bruce was motivating and full of ideas to promote my business. I have a completely different mindset, and have increased my business, He found my niche and now I am more productive then ever before. Bruce is the best!

by Cassandra Smith on Dunning Group Development
Training to be a Top Producer

Bruce’s training has taken me from a struggling agent to being a top producer at my brokerage. Learning to be more of a professional has allowed me to earn more business than any marketing class I have taken.

by Jill Ashworth on Dunning Group Development
A Well Spent Two Days

I truly enjoyed Bruce and his class. His real life experience in the Real Estate industry coupled with his natural gift for facilitating and training a classroom full of grown up professionals ups the ante on his credibility, and his stories were inspiring. Thanks Bruce - for your time, your wisdom through your own school of hard knocks, and your dedication to being instrumental to the rest of us desiring to be the best version of ourselves. You've left a lasting impression!

by Ann Wymore on Dunning Group Development
Personal Coaching

Bruce did a great job helping me and keeping me on track. I always felt like I could ask him anything and that he would call me on my bull. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to succeed in the Real Estate game!( Coaching Client).

by Jennifer on Dunning Group Development
Worth the Time

I have taken several classes from Bruce. Each class was different and full of useful information. He made sitting through a 2 day CE course a breeze. I look forward to his classes. Bruce is very entertaining while he teaches. He teaches information that you will actually use in your day to day business. Which in turns helps you to become a successful Realtor. I highly recommend him to anyone that has a want to improve their business and take it to the next level.

by Heidi DeLuca on Dunning Group Development
Simply Top Best!

In my pursuit to improve my skills as a professional realtor, I took a class on Core Concepts in becoming a Negotiation Expert. I was fortunate enough to end up in Bruce Dunning's class last November and was blown away by his techniques, skills and curriculum. Bruce is an exceptional instructor who brings the subject matter to life with video clips, stories to demonstrate concerns and interactive role playing to reinforce the concepts. After his first 2 day course, I signed up for two more! Bruce is fabulously entertaining, a powerful educator and has a charismatic presence. Thank you for teaching me all the nuggets of gold!

by Sarah Jense on Dunning Group Development
Great Coach

Bruce Dunning Is A Phenomenal Coach!
I spent the past 6 months following the coaching of Bruce to take my real estate business to the "next level". After following his advice, I revised my business plan & marketing strategies. These changes have already brought me new listings and greatly improved my profit margin. Thank you, Bruce- you are phenomenal coach!

by Luke Ross on Dunning Group Development
Life Changing

Incredible!!! The training that I received from Bruce definitely impacted my business. His techniques teach you how to elevate the way you treat your clients. He helps you run your business in a more professional manner, which establishes a higher value with your clients. Furthermore, when dealing with listings it allows you to command a higher commission rate because of the value proposition you offer He provides the methods to overcome communication and negotiation issues which can derail your transactions. This alone has made a huge positive impact on not only my business but my family life as well Thank you so much Bruce

Thank you Luke.

by TR Smith on Dunning Group Development

Bruce's personality and teaching techniques are effective. His use of past experience helped bridge classroom concept with real life real estate situations. I have often found myself in a transaction asking myself WHAT WOULD BRUCE DO? WWBD? I have applied Bruce's methods to my business and already have seen quantifiable results. YOU have changed the course of my career and I will always be grateful for your wisdom and knowledge you shared. Thank you Bruce! -TR

by Raman Sharma on Dunning Group Development
Open your mind once again!

Bruce does a wonderful job relaying helpful information on negotiating for buyers and sellers. The perspective of always growing was taught to me in this class... Which has allowed me to fail on a higher level... Fail on a higher level you ask? Well for the longest time I have felt I had reached my peak on Negotiation. After taking this class it allowed me to focus and hone in on some small tweaks to make my negotiation techniques a lot more approachable with a collaborative mind set.
Truly a class for all agents to consider... Definitely an investment in our selves but most importantly for our clients who have put their trust in us as professionals.

by Lynn Butterfield on Dunning Group Development
Changed my Life

I was in the middle of the most difficult business period I had ever experienced as a result of working with one of my best friends. It turned out that I really didn't know this "friend's" character at all; it was being revealed to me one step at a time through the transaction. And, it caused me to take a hard look at the way I was doing business! Thank goodness for Bruce and his CNE Training! Bruce changed the way I interact with everyone in all areas of my life and I look to him for continual guidance as I become more proficient in my skills. I look forward to more coaching from Bruce and can't wait to learn more!

by Dave Sachleben on Dunning Group Development
CNE 2 and 3

Bruce does a great job imparting really helpful information on negotiating for buyers and sellers. This is a must class for anyone who  truly wants to meet the needs of his/her clients. It not just good knowledge but a lot of practical how-to tips. I especially like the section on emails and texting.

by Tamera Nelson on Dunning Group Development

Bruce was amazing. He made the class very informative and always had our attention. I so appreciate the time you gave to us to help us with our negotiation skills , I learned so much. I will highly recommend this class to others at my office and other offices.

by Austin Pyle on Dunning Group Development

Bruce was an amazing instructor for my CNE class. The information he taught was immediately invaluable. I was able to put to use the tools he taught immediately in negotiations that same week. I would highly recommend taking negotiation classes from Bruce.

by Mike Heritage on Dunning Group Development

I am set to close Sept. 1st on a $1,830,000 sale of a 24,270 sf industrial warehouse building in Colo Spgs which houses all the equipment for USA Volleyball. I used the skills I learned in your CNE class to build emotional excitement about owning a building where US Volleyball is a tenant and being part of our Olympic success! I also would not let the Seller discount my fee telling them your paying for my years of expertise in Commercial Real Estate and my superior Negotiation skills! My fee is in excess of $50,000....Thank you so much for the skills you gave me in your CNE class!!!

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